What Can Hurt My Case

Are there any issues that can negatively affect my case?

Clients sometimes ask their attorney to refer them to a doctor. Your attorney will handle the legal aspects of your claim, and your treating physician(s) should handle your treatment and referrals to other physicians. We do not refer clients to specific doctors.

Do not hide past accidents from your attorney. The reality is that the other side may already know if you have been in prior accidents. All insurance companies subscribe to insurance databases and often the only reason they ask you about prior accidents is to test your credibility. Be honest.

Do not hide past injuries. If you have seen a doctor in the past, there is a record in existence that the insurance company will find. If you lie about it, your case could be over.

Not having accurate tax returns. Most of the time, a claimant will have lost income. You will only be able to claim lost income if your past tax returns are in order.

Misrepresenting your injuries. Insurance companies routinely hire private investigators to conduct surveillance. If you claim that you cannot run, climb, or lift, and you get caught on videotape, your claim may be over. It is difficult to dispute evidence caught on video.

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