I came to Tanner Law office because of a severe accident to my daughter. We actually went to a different law office first, but they did not seem to understand our case. Tanner Law helped my daughter pay back not only all of her past medical bills, but obtained enough money to pay for all four years of my daughter’s college with money left to spare. If Tanner Law had not examined our case carefully and pursued all options for relief, we would not have been able to pay for even my daughter’s first surgery.

Yolanda McAvoy

Twin Falls, Idaho

Y les recomiendo a Briyan por que el me ayudo mucho a mi y a mi familia. Mi nombre es Diana Lara y mi numero es (406) 298-0351 si tienen al alguna pregunta gracias.

Diana Lara recomiendo a el abogado por que me ayudo mucho en mi caso y gracias a el que nos ayudo a ganar el caso.

Diana Lara

Jerome, Idaho

We were involved in an auto accident when we were hit by a drunk driver. I had severe injuries including two herniated discs which required microdiscectomy surgery. The insurance company refused to pay anything on our claim. After two years of fighting the case in which a combined total of seven different law firms participated, we finally obtained the best possible resolution. Thanks to Tanner Law, instead of getting nothing, we obtained the maximum settlement possible. I recommend Tanner Law. They have been diligent advocates.

Martha Ibarra

Twin Falls, Idaho