After Settlement

In today’s legal system, final settlement of a case may be just the half way point. There are many other issues to address. For instance, your insurance provider may have a subrogated interest in relation to the final settlement. This has to be paid back. Some insurance companies pay us to collect for them. These saving can be passed onto you. In addition, if a minor is involved in an accident, you may be required to go to court for a minor’s compromise hearing before funds can be dispersed. In addition, there may be medical liens or hospital liens which must be paid. There may be issues with collections. There are several additional legal documents which must be signed. You may need to consult with an attorney regarding trusts so that any excess proceeds can be put in the right place or invested correctly. If you are not wise, you may loose a significant amount of money. There may be controversy surrounding the funds and claims to those funds by different family members. All of these issues come up AFTER a final settlement offer. Your attorney can help you navigate through this process.

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